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Consulting  (Hybrid and Energy Storage Systems)

Providing oversight and technical support for the development of industrial hybrid fuel cell systems and automotive HEV battery packs. Development of application and design requirements, system and sub-system specifications, technology assessment and component/system test plans as well as technical engineering support.

Business Development (Hybrid Wind-Diesel System)

Business plan and technical strategy development. Development of funding opportunities and strategic partnering. Technical feasibility and market assessment for early stage hybrid WD system.

Program Management (PHEV Battery System)

Management of the development of early stage PHEV10 and PHEV40 prototypes for the automotive market., Managed technical system development and development process and negotiated government and customer contracts

Engineering Support (Commercial Fuel Cell System)

Engineering team support for high volume fuel cell program. Product specification, system trade-off studies, customer support and engineering analyses.

Consulting (CleanTech Funding Application Evaluation)

Expert reviewer for CleanTech funding applications. Provide critical technical assessment of pre-commercial program proposals as input to the board of fund administrators.

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