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Just who is Amory B. Lovins anyway? 

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Energy Strategy- The Road Not Taken.pdf, Foreign Affairs (1976)


At SoftPath Innovations, we believe that our global future depends on our approach to the production and consumption of energy. We know that technology and innovation will play a critical role in enabling the balance of supply and demand and that the successful application of technology must focus on both:

  1. BulletIncreasing the energy efficiency of our current infrastructure and products (more for less)

  2. BulletThe development of a diverse range of energy production methods with an emphasis on renewable technologies (move towards sustainability and diversity)

We are committed to applying our expertise to help companies become successful in these areas.

Experience -  David Leboe P.Eng, Principal Engineer

David is an accomplished Product Development Manager and Innovator with a significant record of achievement in the areas of Team Leadership, Technology Development, Technical Business Development and Systems Engineering.

David was a founding member of Cellex Power Products, Inc. which focused on the development of early adoption opportunities for hydrogen fuel cells. He helped grow the start-up organization, its team and its Systems Engineering capabilities through to its eventual acquisition by Plug Power Inc. and its merger with former competitor, General Hydrogen in 2007. While with Cellex Power, he helped move early product concepts from concept to commercial production and has led high performance teams through all stages of product development and design validation. More recently, with Plug Power, David had been accountable for strategic technical initiatives and road-mapping activities looking ahead to next generation lower cost product designs. David holds 6 US patents for his development work in hybrid power systems and has an additional 9 US patents pending.

As the Principal Engineer and Sole Proprietor of SoftPath Innovations, David is now helping other companies develop new Clean Energy products and solutions.

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the soft energy path

“...combines a prompt and serious commitment to efficient use of energy, rapid development of renewable energy sources…and special transitional fossil-fuel technologies. This path, a whole greater than the sum of its parts, diverges radically from incremental past practices to pursue long-term goals.”

Amory B. Lovins, 1976